This channel is all about food. Explore the foodie inside you by listening to these boppers entice you with their delightful dishes. Great food comes from everywhere; from well-established restaurants to food trucks alike. Learn what ingredients are used, practices executed, and safety protocols implemented for food handling before your next visit. This channel is also for food boppers who are looking to discover supply sources and support for their restaurant businesses.


Disclosure on all channels: All business shows on bOpit radio are hosted by certified Boppers. This means that business owners and vendors have consulted with bOpit radio staff prior to publishing any content on this network. They have been verified as real owners who operate legit businesses. All content creators that have podcasts on bOpit radio have been awarded with the “certified bopper status” seal of approval. This ensures that bOpit staff have seen these businesses in action or experienced these products to ensure the accuracy of all bOpit content.