bopit insight

bOpit Insight:bOpit radio is a live streaming and podcasting network that specializes in creating business related shows to promote your products and services. Our platform provides audio solutions for your business operations large, or small. This alternative to text ads or 30 second commercials, allows you to directly connect with your customers with your own words. We do this by creating your very own business podcast or live streaming show that is hosted on our network and available for you to promote to new or existing customers. No experience is necessary, and any business owner or vendor can be a show host with our help.

At bOpit radio, we provide you with the tools and coaching to create a professional sounding show. You simply bring your business expertise and voice, and we’ll take care of the rest. Once your show is completed, it is published into a specific channel by industry trade. If you’re looking to gain more exposure for your business, we can create your own channel that hosts only your business-related content. Did we mention that any business owner or can be a show host? That’s right; your business, no matter what it is can be featured on our network (except for illegal or adult businesses). This is the future of business discovery. If you think were crazy, just look around you. Wireless smart speakers, connected cars and voice assistants such Amazon Echo and Google Voice are making their way into our lives. Typing things on our phones and computers are slowly becoming obsolete. Voice activation and audio response is making a big splash. A new generation of auditory enhancements such as Alexa, Siri and Google are arriving in our homes and at the office. We call it the “Audio Enhancement Evolution” or AEE.  

bOpit radio offers you the capability to truly set your business apart from the competition. Be one of the first on bOpit to have a show with you as the host and your business as the Rockstar!

Now that you know what bOpit can do for your business. We would like to introduce ourselves and give you the behind-the-scenes of bOpit. The Insight is your source for everything going on with us. We believe that the more we educate you about what we do, the better you can understand our vision for your business. Click and listen to bOpit Insight now.  Get to know as much about us as we will get to know you and your business.

Disclosure on all channels: All business shows on bOpit radio are hosted by certified
Boppers. This means that business owners and vendors have consulted with bOpit
radio staff prior to publishing any content on this network. They have been verified as
real owners who operate legit businesses. All content creators that have podcasts on
bOpit radio have been awarded with the “certified bopper status” seal of approval. This
ensures that bOpit staff have seen these businesses in action or experienced these
products to ensure the accuracy of all bOpit content.